Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang from RWBY

All four guests have the same pricing.
Autos $40 / Quotes $20 / Selfie $40 / Combo $60 

Please welcome the four voice actors who portray the girls from Beacon Academy and star in the hit show RWBY to the first annual Anime Washington convention in Tacoma on January 27th and 28th. RWBY is an anime-influenced 3D computer-animated web series created by the late Monty Oum. The series has a huge following and is loved for its great characters, story, animation style, and musical soundtrack.
Lindsay Jones is an actor, director, gamer and host. Lindsay is known for their work with Rooster Teeth and has provided the voices of Ruby Rose in RWBY and Kimball in Red vs. Blue since 2013.
Kara Eberle is the voice actor for the character Weiss Schnee in the Rooster Teeth series RWBY. Before her voicing Weiss, Kara was the office manager and a technical director at Rooster Teeth and participated in other series and podcasts.
Arryn Zech is a voice actress best known for voicing Blake Belladonna in RWBY and Dr. Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue, an American web series also created by Rooster Teeth.
Barbara Dunkelman provides the voice of Yang Xiao Long in the web series RWBY and Nerris in Camp Camp. Barbara also serves as a Creative Director at Rooster Teeth.