What are the operating hours of Anime Washington?2024-03-04T01:59:52-08:00

The tentative schedule is the following:

10 am – 7 pm on Saturday, September 14th

10 am – 5 pm on Sunday, September 15th

VIP badge holders will have access 30 minutes prior to show hours.

When do tickets go on sale?2024-03-04T02:03:17-08:00

Admission Tickets go on sale in April/May

Will there be food and beverages available on site?2023-08-21T08:47:58-07:00

Yes. Food is provided at the convention center through Aramark during regular show hours.

Can I bring my pet?2023-08-21T08:49:12-07:00

Only State Approved Companion/Working dogs are allowed in the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and must be identified as such.

What if I get hurt or require any type of assistance?2023-08-21T08:50:12-07:00

The staff at Anime Washington is there to help.  Staff an Personnel are assigned to assist with first aid, security, booth concerns, questions, lost items, and any other issues that may arise. Our professional and courteous staff makes the vendors, exhibitors, and attendees their priority with safety being the most paramount followed by ensuring an environment that promotes friendliness and fun.

Will I be on camera?2023-02-05T14:36:26-08:00

The short answer is yes, but not necessarily intentionally. Because of the nature of the show, hundreds of people will be taking photos and short videos to post to their various social media accounts and to share with family and friends. Likewise, our staff will be taking photos and shooting videos for promotional use. YouTubers, celebrity guests, and others will also be recording with various methods as well.  Chances are you might end up photographed or videoed.

How do tickets work?2023-02-05T14:23:46-08:00

Tickets are purchased on our website.  After they are purchased, you will be emailed your tickets immediately.  Staff will scan the QR code on paper or via smartphone and allow access to the show.  Once a Ticket/QR Code is scanned, it will no longer be active for that day of the show.  Re-entry is allowed with a hand stamp provided at the exit along with an intact and unaltered badge.

If occupancy allows, tickets may be purchased at the gate on the day of the show.

Can I bring a backpack or bag?2023-02-05T14:23:03-08:00

Yes.  Security personnel will be at the gate performing back checks for the safety of all attendees.

How much is parking?2023-08-21T08:55:54-07:00

The Convention Center parking garage is $12 per day in their designated lot.   There are other nearby parking garages to accommodate parking needs.   There will be other options for transportation communicated as we get closer to the event including the use of Sound Transit additional parking at the Tacoma Dome Station, which can be accessed via Sound Transit’s free light rail, with a pick-up and drop-off station outside of at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center.

Can I take purchases to my car and come back in?2023-08-21T08:56:20-07:00

Yes, the ticketholder will be hand stamped for return entry.  Anyone wishing to re-enter must get a hand stamp while wearing their badge prior to exiting the main entry.

Will a COA be at the show?2023-08-21T08:59:54-07:00

Genuine COA is the designated vendor providing Certificates of Authentication and they will have two locations verifying and authenticating any celebrity and guest autographs.

What are your safety protocols? Is there a vaccine or mask requirement?2023-08-21T09:00:40-07:00

We do not anticipate adding additional requirements than are currently imposed and required by the Governor and the local department of health. Currently, we are not required to check for vaccination status, masks are no longer required for indoor and outdoor spaces, and we expect that will continue.  We support anyone that would like to wear a mask for their own personal safety or precaution.


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