Dragon Ball Z, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ergo Proxy, Yu Yu Jakusho, Borderlands, Street Fighter

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You may recognize Dameon Clarke from his work both on screen and behind the Mic, notably as Handsome Jack in the “Borderlands” Video Game Series, as Cell in the “Dragon Ball Z” sagas, Scar from “Full Metal Alchemist” and many more. Dameon has voiced over 200 characters in Anime, television, and video games over the years, for which he has garnered many awards, including the Spike TV, VGA for Best Human Male in a Video Game, and the BTVA Award for Best Actor in an animated series.

Aside from his voiceover work, Dameon has appeared and starred in numerous movies and TV shows including, “How to be a Serial Killer” (Best Actor/NY Horror Film Festival and Shriekfest LA), “Supernatural”, “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Graceland,” “24”, “Prison Break,” “NCIS” and many more. Dameon Clarke is among the few actors to have guest-starred on every CSI show in the franchise.