One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tale, Black Clover, 91 Days, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Smite, Black Butler

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Brandon Potter has been deep in anime for nearly 20 years. For almost that entire time, he’s been the voice of Red Haired Shanks, the legendary pirate emperor in One Piece. Other roles include Nicolas in Gangsta, Fango in 91 Days, Harima in School Rumble, GunHead in My Hero Academia, Rhya in Black Clover, and many more.

Onscreen, he stars in the global streaming hit, The Chosen, as Quintus, a villainous Roman magistrate. Currently, he’s producing Final Dress, a teen slasher addressing sex abuse in the theater industry set for premiere this summer. Basically, he’s a supporting character fans love to love… and he loves them right back!